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Boston Bruins: Coach, it’s time to scratch Brad Marchand.


Dec 17, 2013; Boston, MA, USA; Boston Bruins left wing Brad Marchand (63) shoots the puck on goal while Calgary Flames defenseman Kris Russell (4) defends during the third period at TD Banknorth Garden. Mandatory Credit: Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Brad Marchand is one of those players that you’re going to love or hate. In the last few seasons, he’s been one of those players you have admired for his feisty, tenacious playing style. You have been amused by his antics, or have been an incensed and called him a rat(or far worse).  At the moment, I have to say my love for # 63 has cooled a bit.

Some players will have better seasons than others. I think a lot of us were surprised when he turned out to be the team’s leading scorer last year. He might have been a pest to some squads, and overwhelming obnoxious to others. He did play solid hockey that fell within the Bruins system. Wherever that Brad Marchand is right now, could we please see him to return to the TD Garden?

This year has not been a good year for the Bruins winger on multiple levels. This year he’s tied for eighth in scoring with Loui Eriksson. (Eriksson has been out ten games so far this year dealing with concussion issues from hits by John Scott and Brooks Orpik.) He is causing bad turnovers practically every single game, and due to the injuries Coach Claude Julien has been loathe to assign him a line further down the roster. It’s time to do more than send him down to be a Merlot Man. (A position I don’t feel he is worthy of right now.)

It’s time to give Marchand a healthy scratch for a game (or more). We’ve got Providence Bruins on the ice playing with more heart and skill than some of our top six forwards now. If Marchand’s play was up to the par it has been the last few seasons, we’d accept the chirping he did in Vancouver. Sadly, he came across as some petulant extra that belonged as an extra in a Mighty Ducks movie rather than a professional NHL player. Now let’s factor in tonight’s game. He clearly and directly boarded Calgary’s Sean Monahan. Thankfully, he got up quickly and didn’t lose any game time. If Marchand doesn’t lose two or three games for that moment of stupidity, he can count himself lucky.

Marchand’s play has regressed this year. It’s December now, and whatever regrets he had for losing his best bud Tyler Seguin should be gone right now. He’s a better player than this and Coach Julien has not been afraid to toss the healthy scratch stick out there as a teaching or disciplinary measure. He’s a little too old to be given a 6 am bag skate, and he should know better by now. Marchy, you’re still one of my favorite Bruins.  I just hope you can get whatever is making you play so poorly out of your system before the Bruins boot you out of Boston.