Buffalo Sabres clean house, Rolston and Regier fired.


Oct 2, 2013; Detroit, MI, USA; Buffalo Sabres head coach Ron Rolston looks up at the scoreboard in the second period against the Detroit Red Wings at Joe Louis Arena. Mandatory Credit: Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Well, the Buffalo Sabres have been having one of their worst seasons in their history as a franchise. Their 4-15-1 record is their personal worst on record. Something had to give, and they thought Lindy Ruff might have been the problem. The way Lindy Ruff is fixing the Dallas Stars proves that it wasn’t his doing. It appears the ownership has finally acquiesced to the desires of a LOT of the fan base and have taken the proper steps to salvage something in their season.

It was announced today that the Buffalo Sabres relieved both head coach Ron Rolston and general manager Darcy Regier of their responsibilities. Personally, Regier and Rolston gave Buffalo owner Terrence M. Pegula but to remove them from their jobs. In the last few weeks, the fans calling for Regier’s head could be heard at home games, “Fire Darcy” clearly being heard on the ice. However, he feels that it was a combination of events that led him to the final decision.

”He didn’t do what he did by himself,” Pegula said. ”There was input from many people, prior owners, myself. Why now? I just decided and that’s the only answer I can give you. We work together and sometimes you get to the point where a change was needed.”

The Sabres announced that former Buffalo head coach Ted Nolan would be assuming duties as interim head coach. The Sabres are apparently retaining all the assistant coaches at this time. The press conference also revealed that the Sabres created a new position, President of Hockey Operations. That position will be filled by another Buffalo alumni, Pat La Fontaine. He will be working  with assistant general manager Kevin Devine. Ted Nolan will be hands on right away, starting with the team’s afternoon practice.

This can only be a good thing for the Buffalo Sabres. Nolan is the first Jack Adams award winner for the franchise and he brings an aura of past success to the franchise. La Fontaine comes in from NHL headquarters (and a member of the Hockey Hall of Fame) and he brings his own positive track record to Buffalo. The Sabres will now have to carry on and attempt to make something of themselves as the 2013-14 season continues.