Ryan Spooner sent back down to Providence.


Sep 26, 2013; Winnipeg, Manitoba, CAN; Boston Bruins forward Matt Fraser (25) comes to celebrate his goal with teammates Nick Johnson (32) and forward Ryan Spooner (51) during the third period at MTS Centre. Bruins win 3-2. Mandatory Credit: Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

During the Bruins training camp in September, we got to see a lot of people that were on the cusp of becoming NHL level players. Ryan Spooner is one of those players that made it all the way to the last cut in this year’s training camp. He was one of those players that just kept looking better and better, and it seemed like he was going to make the team. In the end, the Bruins had to go with who they had already committed to (Jordan Caron), and sent Spooner to Providence.

The recent combination of injuries and players just not playing to their level forced the organization to look at the Providence team to find some talent to help them out while they rested their hurt and yelled the paint off a helmet or two. Ryan Spooner came out on Halloween night and got his first NHL point, on Carl Soderberg’s first NHL goal. Spooner put up a point again on the Bruins’ only score in that 3-1 mess against the New York Islanders. Two points in the last two games was certainly more production than many key players in the Bruins have produced. That kind of consistency usually spells good things for an up and coming player.

Not in this case. Once again, Spooner is the victim of being the player who was on the wrong side of the glass. The Boston Bruins organization has decided to send Ryan Spooner back to Providence for the time being. I understand that it has to be done this way. There is no way on Earth that the Bruins will put one of their players on waivers in order to teach the rest of them a lesson. It makes sense logistically and financially to send #51 back to Providence.

The Big ‘B’s should take a look at the drive those ‘P’ Bruins have when they get the rare chance to wear that jersey. Tuukka Rask, Johnny Boychuk and Brad Marchand have all been there themselves. We’d all love to see the Bruins get back to their game, and Spooner seemed like that breath of fresh air they needed.