Hockey News A Bruin, October 16th 2013


March 7, 2013; Boston, MA USA; Boston Bruins legend Milt Schmidt is honored for his 95th birthday prior to the start of a game between the Boston Bruins and Toronto Maple Leafs at TD Garden. Mandatory Credit: Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

The Boston Bruins are celebrating their 90th anniversary. Before the Bruins and the Detroit Red Wings game, the Bruins took a little time to honor former Bruin player, captain, coach, general manager and future Hockey God Milt Schmidt. Schmidt is described as the “ultimate Bruin”, and it is highly unlikely that anyone will take his place in the pantheon of the Bruins. Take a moment and celebrate the history of the Bruins through the eyes of one of the best Bruins ever. (Boston Bruins)

Well, it’s officially official. Chris Pronger’s NHL career is over. The Philadelphia Flyers were silent hoping for a miracle but the shot he took to the face has had lasting repercussions forcing his unofficial retirement. (SB Nation)

In other unfortunate news, the new ownership of the New Jersey Devils had to pen a letter to the fan base to stop acting like little children. Oh no, I’m totally serious here. Senior management from the new CEO all the way down to long serving (or suffering depending on your mood) general manager have decided that using a goal song that was performed by a notorious pedophile is no longer acceptable. So far, the only thing that has gone right for the Devils is that they were bought before the ended up like the Phoenix Coyotes did. (Puck Daddy)

The Hockey Writers published their list of the Top 5 teams in the NHL that have had the most surprising start. Whether it’s the on-fire Colorado Avalanche who have tied their best ever start with a 6-0 record, or the New York Rangers who are having an abysmal time of it at Madison Square Garden, the guys and gals at THW give you their opinions on the best, the worst, and a few that are odd. (The Hockey Writers)

Let’s hear if for the Buffalo Sabres! (OK, stop laughing.) The Sabres finally got their first win on their eighth attempt last night, beating the New York Islanders in overtime 4-3. Our friends over at Saber Noise happily put up their opinions on which among the Buffalo team earned the three stars of the night. Grats to the Sabres for getting one in the win column. (Sabre Noise)

On the downside for the Sabres, Brendan Shanahan has decided to nail Patick Kaleta with a ten game suspension. Kaleta did strike Blue Jackets’ Jack Johnson in the chin, and it wasn’t a clean hit. Kaleta will forfeit $152,439.00 for that hit. While no penalty was assessed for the hit, and Johnson wasn’t injured, it was just a really bad move for Kaleta to pull. Kaleta has been suspended six times in the last four seasons, and Shanahan was looking to make an example of someone.  Expect an appeal on this one (even though I agree with Shanahan on this one.) (NHL)