Friday’s Fights of the Week


Sep 19, 2013; Boston, MA, USA; Boston Bruins defenseman Torey Krug (47) shoots the puck during the second period against the Detroit Red Wings at TD Banknorth Garden. Mandatory Credit: Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Just a new series we’ll be trying out here at Causeway Crowd. Taking a look at some of the best fights around the NHL, and putting up one or two that really make the grade. (Don’t worry Bruins Nation, with the team we’ve got I’m sure we’ll be very well represented throughout the season.)

This season, the National Hockey League  have adopted several (in my opinion) unnecessary and overly critical rules to the game of hockey. One of the more obnoxious ones is this. If a player removes his helmet before engaging in a fight he will be subject to an additional two minute penalty. (This will be considered a game misconduct penalty.)

The expert from rule 46.6 on the headgear: Helmets – No player may remove his helmet prior to engaging in a fight. If he should do so, he shall be assessed a two minute minor penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct. Helmets that come off in the course of and resulting from the altercation will not result in a penalty to either player.

The purpose of this rule is to 1.) discourage fighting in hockey *rolls eyes*, and 2.) reduce the possibility of injuries. (Because punching those helmets is always the safer play there guys.)

Let’s all give a big stick tap out to Krys Barch of the New Jersey Devils and Brett Gallant of the New York Islanders. These two guys fought three times against each other last night in their preseason game. As both players knew that they would be assessed an additional penalty for taking off their helmets before dropping the gloves, they got innovative. In their second bout of the night, both players removed the straps off their helmets. Then, Barch knocked off  Gallant’s helmet and then Gallant returned the favor.

In my opinion, it’s a brilliant interpretation of the rules.

The other Friday fight we will cover is with the Boston Bruins. Bruins blueliner and last year’s sensation Torey Krug decided to square off in last night’s disappointing 8-2 shellacking by the Detroit Red Wings. Krug tried hard to bring energy to the Bruins after they were down 4-1. Krug squared off against Detroit’s David McIntyre. The Bruins may have lost the game, but Krug came out ahead in the battle. Krug’s fight.

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