Five Bruins that will roar in 2013-14: # 5 – Daniel Paille


Jun 17, 2013; Boston, MA, USA; Boston Bruins left wing Daniel Paille (20) is congratulated by teammates after scoring a goal against the Chicago Blackhawks during the second period in game three of the 2013 Stanley Cup Final at TD Garden. Mandatory Credit: Michael Ivins-USA TODAY Sports

With opening night just about six weeks away, maybe it’s time to look at some of the Bruins who are going to exceed expectations this season. In the next few days, we’ll look at some of the Bruins I believe will shine this year. Now, we might all agree on how the Bruins will kick butt and take names next season, we might disagree on who will be the stars for the Black and Gold. Feel free to offer comments at the bottom or throw us a yell at @Causeway_Crowd on Twitter.

Daniel Paille is # 5 on my list. We’ve gotten used to seeing Paille being the ‘reasonable’ member of the Merlot Men. When I mean reasonable, I should say least likely to drop gloves and pound away on someone.  Not that he’s afraid of throwing down.  He just doesn’t have the fight time that Shawn Thornton and Gregory Campbell.

We got to hear an awful lot of ‘Daniel Paille on a breakaway!‘ last season. Paille’s speed is part of the reason we’ve got the most dangerous fourth line in all of the NHL. But Paille isn’t just a speed demon on the ice. He has been known to hit people with the strength of a Mack truck. Those hits are even worse when the other guys sees it coming. (or maybe Paille just REALLY hates the Penguins.)

Paille was no stranger to making big plays in the clutch. The improvised ‘Full Meal’ line (Chris Kelly-Tyler Seguin-Dan Paille) came up big for Boston in overtime in game two of the Stanley Cup Final. He ended up with one short hander and three game winning goals in the post season.  He was taken out of his comfort zone big time in the Finals. Campbell was out with a broken leg, and Shawn Thornton’s playtime had been reduced. Paille was still able to come alive and score big for the team.

Paille is one tough hockey player. He took a shot to the face and came back to the game quickly. He’s been a solid piece for us ever since we got him in a trade with the Buffalo Sabres. He was part of the 2011 Stanley Cup team, and it looks like he’ll either wing with the Merlot Men again, or perhaps get moved up to the third line. Paille had a great year, and he’ll be amazing for us next season as well.