Boston Bruins Schedule for the 2013-14 season released


Well, it looks like the NHL and the International Olympic Community were able to hash out their problems rather quickly. Fortunately for all parties, the National Hockey League finally cleared up the rest of the red tape that was holding back NHL players participation in Sochi in February ’14.  Thanks to clearing up that mess, the NHL franchises were able to distribute their schedules for their teams.  Here is the Boston Bruins schedule for the 2013-2014 season.

Thu Oct 3, 2013LightningBruins7:00 PM
Sat Oct 5, 2013Red WingsBruins7:00 PMNHLN-US
Thu Oct 10, 2013AvalancheBruins7:00 PM
Sat Oct 12, 2013BruinsBlue Jackets7:00 PM
Mon Oct 14, 2013Red WingsBruins1:00 PM
Thu Oct 17, 2013BruinsPanthers7:30 PM
Sat Oct 19, 2013BruinsLightning7:00 PM
Wed Oct 23, 2013BruinsSabres8:00 PMNBCSN
Thu Oct 24, 2013SharksBruins7:00 PMNHLN-US
Sat Oct 26, 2013DevilsBruins7:00 PM
Wed Oct 30, 2013BruinsPenguins8:00 PMNBCSN
Thu Oct 31, 2013DucksBruins7:00 PMNHLN-US

November 2013

DateVisitorHomeTime (ET)TV NetworkSat Nov 2, 2013BruinsIslanders7:00 PMTue Nov 5, 2013StarsBruins7:00 PMThu Nov 7, 2013PanthersBruins7:00 PMSat Nov 9, 2013Maple LeafsBruins7:00 PMCBC, NHLN-USMon Nov 11, 2013LightningBruins1:00 PMThu Nov 14, 2013Blue JacketsBruins7:00 PMNHLN-USFri Nov 15, 2013BruinsSenators7:30 PMMon Nov 18, 2013BruinsHurricanes7:00 PMTue Nov 19, 2013BruinsRangers7:30 PMNBCSNThu Nov 21, 2013BluesBruins7:00 PMNHLN-USSat Nov 23, 2013HurricanesBruins1:00 PMNHLN-USMon Nov 25, 2013PenguinsBruins7:00 PMWed Nov 27, 2013BruinsRed Wings7:30 PMNBCSNFri Nov 29, 2013RangersBruins1:00 PMNBCSat Nov 30, 2013Blue JacketsBruins7:00 PM

December 2013

DateVisitorHomeTime (ET)TV NetworkThu Dec 5, 2013BruinsCanadiens7:30 PMRDSSat Dec 7, 2013PenguinsBruins7:00 PMNHLN-USSun Dec 8, 2013BruinsMaple Leafs7:00 PMTue Dec 10, 2013BruinsFlames9:30 PMThu Dec 12, 2013BruinsOilers9:30 PMSat Dec 14, 2013BruinsCanucks10:00 PMCBCTue Dec 17, 2013FlamesBruins7:00 PMThu Dec 19, 2013BruinsSabres7:00 PMSat Dec 21, 2013SabresBruins7:00 PMMon Dec 23, 2013BruinsPredators8:00 PMFri Dec 27, 2013SenatorsBruins7:00 PMSat Dec 28, 2013BruinsSenators7:00 PMCBCTue Dec 31, 2013IslandersBruins7:00 PM

January 2014

DateVisitorHomeTime (ET)TV NetworkThu Jan 2, 2014PredatorsBruins7:00 PMSat Jan 4, 2014JetsBruins1:00 PMTue Jan 7, 2014BruinsDucks10:00 PMThu Jan 9, 2014BruinsKings10:30 PMSat Jan 11, 2014BruinsSharks10:30 PMTue Jan 14, 2014Maple LeafsBruins7:00 PMThu Jan 16, 2014BruinsStars8:30 PMSun Jan 19, 2014BruinsBlackhawks3:00 PMNBC, NBCSNMon Jan 20, 2014KingsBruins1:00 PMSat Jan 25, 2014BruinsFlyers1:00 PMNHLN-USMon Jan 27, 2014BruinsIslanders7:00 PMTue Jan 28, 2014PanthersBruins7:00 PMThu Jan 30, 2014CanadiensBruins7:00 PMRDS, NHLN-US

February 2014

DateVisitorHomeTime (ET)TV NetworkSat Feb 1, 2014OilersBruins1:00 PMTue Feb 4, 2014CanucksBruins7:00 PMThu Feb 6, 2014BruinsBlues8:00 PMNBCSNSat Feb 8, 2014SenatorsBruins3:00 PMCBCWed Feb 26, 2014BruinsSabres7:30 PMNBCSN

March 2014

DateVisitorHomeTime (ET)TV NetworkSat Mar 1, 2014CapitalsBruins1:00 PMNHLN-USSun Mar 2, 2014BruinsRangers7:00 PMNBCSNTue Mar 4, 2014PanthersBruins7:00 PMThu Mar 6, 2014CapitalsBruins7:00 PMSat Mar 8, 2014BruinsLightning7:00 PMSun Mar 9, 2014BruinsPanthers5:00 PMWed Mar 12, 2014BruinsCanadiens7:30 PMRDS, NBCSNThu Mar 13, 2014CoyotesBruins7:00 PMSat Mar 15, 2014HurricanesBruins1:00 PMMon Mar 17, 2014WildBruins7:30 PMNBCSNTue Mar 18, 2014BruinsDevils7:00 PMFri Mar 21, 2014BruinsAvalanche9:00 PMSat Mar 22, 2014BruinsCoyotes9:00 PMMon Mar 24, 2014CanadiensBruins7:30 PMRDS, NBCSNThu Mar 27, 2014BlackhawksBruins7:00 PMNHLN-USSat Mar 29, 2014BruinsCapitals12:30 PMSun Mar 30, 2014BruinsFlyers7:30 PMNBC, NBCSN

April 2014

DateVisitorHomeTime (ET)TV NetworkWed Apr 2, 2014BruinsRed Wings8:00 PMNBCSNThu Apr 3, 2014BruinsMaple Leafs7:00 PMSat Apr 5, 2014FlyersBruins1:00 PMNHLN-USTue Apr 8, 2014BruinsWild8:00 PMThu Apr 10, 2014BruinsJets8:00 PMSat Apr 12, 2014SabresBruins12:30 PMSun Apr 13, 2014BruinsDevils3:00 PM