Looking Forward: 2013 NHL Entry Draft


With the dramatic and unfortunate results of the 2013 Stanley Cup Final still fresh in everyone’s minds, we can all look to one thing. The place where hockey never sleeps, the NHL Entry Draft.

Hailed as one of the deepest draft since 2003, the 2013 NHL Entry Draft is right around the corner (June 30th) and the prospect list is deep. The Bruins are without a first round pick due to the Jaromir Jagr trade (a conditional pick was sent to Dallas that became a first-round pick after the Bruins qualified for the Eastern Conference Finals), but with so many rumblings going around before draft day; it’s hard to think that the Boston Bruins won’t attempt to make an offer to get a first round pick. With the tight salary cap about to go into place for the 2013-14 season, team’s aching to hit the salary floor or team’s looking to move their pick and some players will be abundant.

Patrick Roy and Joe Sakic have already said they will listen to offers regarding the 1st overall pick, but the Boston Bruins have no  reason to be poking around in that bidding war. Sticking to mid round picks (15 – 25) would be the best for the Bruins, but if there is one thing we can take from deep draft it’s that the Bruins are good at capitalizing on the second round. Patrice Bergeron was a mid 2nd round pick the Bruins made with a conditional pick; David Krejci and Milan Lucic were both second round picks and Brad Marchand was a third. But would the Bruins want to dodge the first round all together? Well the big names being thrown around for mid picks are Darnell Nurse (Defenceman – Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds ) and Max Domi ( Centre – London Knights), but it’s hard to imagine the Bruins would move up past the 20th overall pick; Chiarelli is already hurting he had to let Andrew Ference walk; he wouldn’t want to move anyone else on that team. He’s been good about keeping the 2011 team intact and it almost paid off, Chiraelli knows what he’s doing and the moves he makes will most likely be late pick swapping, but the idea of moving an asset to acquire a first round pick (even if it’s getting back the 29th spot) should not leave anyone’s mind.

All we can do is wait and see what the Bruins do and memories of the success from 10 years ago are making it hard to stay calm about this.