Patrice Bergeron Patrice Bergeron

Bergeron hospitalized over injuries sustained in Stanley Cup run.


Jun 24, 2013; Boston, MA, USA; Boston Bruins center Patrice Bergeron (37) passes the puck against the Chicago Blackhawks during the first period in game six of the 2013 Stanley Cup Final at TD Garden. Mandatory Credit: Michael Ivins-USA TODAY Sports

It’s safe to argue that Bruins center and alternate captain Patrice Bergeron is the soul of the organization. He began the playoff man in the clutch, scoring nine goals (four of them on the power play, and two of them game winners.) during the Bruins Cup run. Hockey players usually play through injuries, and Bergeron was no exception. Even though he had been battered through the first three rounds,  Bergy was still playing like a champion against the Blackhawks.

During those first four games in the final, he scored four goals (three on the power play.) The injuries began taking their toll though,  In the first period of game five, Bergeron pulled up lame and headed towards the bench. He did make an attempt to get back on the ice in the second period, but just couldn’t make it happen. He ended up getting taken to a local hospital Chicago where it was thought that he had injured his spleen.  It turned out he had broken a rib and tore some muscle and tissue in his chest.

He came back to play in game six, and his condition was closely guarded. He continued to play and battle for the Bruins. Somewhere along the progress of the game, it seems that broken rib punctured a lung. Bergeron still played. He also separated his shoulder in the same game, and was still on the ice to help his team. In the end, we lost that game and the series but it showed just what a champion Bergeron is. At present, Bergeron is currently hospitalized having his injuries treated. Everyone here at Causeway Crowd wishes him a speedy recovery.

The latest talk by some writers has been on comparing the championships of the NBA and the NHL. I’ll sum it up in a couple of sentences. I have never seen a professional hockey player get a cramp and had to get carried off the ice by trainers. I also believe no NBA player would even attempt to play for the title with half the injuries sustained by Bruins or Blackhawks players in the Finals. (I bleed Black and Gold, but those Blackhawks were some tough hombres in their own right.) Stop comparing them gentlemen, it’s not apples and oranges, it’s apples and trout.