Pens settle on Vokoun to start tonight.


“I’m looking for a solid game from our goaltender and we’ve gotten that from Tomas in virtually every game he’s played. He’s done that for us and that’s what we need tonight. We don’t need perfection. We’re looking for a solid game from our man between the pipes to allow our team to win the hockey game.”- Pens coach Dan Bylsma on Vokoun starting in Game 3.

So far, the only solid game we’ve seen the Penguins put up in this series is the game of ‘hangman’ chosen at the start of Pens practice today. Most of you have probably seen it by now, and I’m sure on some odd level it was meant to provide inspiration to the team. If you haven’t seen it yet, feast your eyes and enjoy. You can almost see the conversation now.

Sidney Crosby: Can I buy a win?

Dan Bylsma: You can only buy a letter Sid.

Sidney Crosby: (explodes) What? That’s so stupid! Where’s the whistle ref?!!

Dan Bylsma(sighing): There are no refs Sid, this is just practice.

Tomas Vokoun has allowed three goals in bost previous starts against the Bruins. His first period performance was so poor in game two, Coach Bylsma pulled him in favor of Marc-Andre Fleury. (Fleury allowed in three goals of his own in the 6-1 pummeling of the Penguins on Monday.) Meanwhile, Tuukka has a .982 save percentage for the series and has only allowed one goal. That’s better than either goalie in almost any given period.

The Penguins will need to do something to counteract the Krejci line. So far, the poor defensive play of the Pens has done little but open a landing strip for incoming shots on the crease. If the Pens aren’t profoundly careful (and don’t receive massive doses of skill and confidence intra-veinously)