The series between the Boston Bruins and the Toronto Maple Leafs was an absolute nail-biter. We a..."/> The series between the Boston Bruins and the Toronto Maple Leafs was an absolute nail-biter. We a..."/> The series between the Boston Bruins and the Toronto Maple Leafs was an absolute nail-biter. We a..."/>

Causeway Crowd’s Three Stars of the Series (Bruins-Maple Leafs)


May 13, 2013; Boston, MA USA; The Toronto Maple Leafs and the Boston Bruins shake hands after the Bruins defeated the Leafs in overtime in game seven of the first round of the 2013 Stanley Cup Playoffs at TD Garden. Mandatory Credit: Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

The series between the Boston Bruins and the Toronto Maple Leafs was an absolute nail-biter. We all sat back and had those moments where we would cheer like maniacs with a goal, and cringe with a goal scored against us. Game five made us worry. Game six made us scared. Game seven was a psychologist’s dream come true. We went through the ringer emotionally with that game. In the end, last minute goals by Horton, Lucic, and some guy name Bergeron getting us the tie, and then overtime win got us past the Leafs and won the series.

I asked the staff here at Causeway Crowd to come up with who they thought the three stars of the series were. There was discussion, some disagreement, and at one point a casual conversation that may have required pistols at dawn to mediate properly. So after much discussion and commentary, we the staff at Causeway Crowd would like to offer you the Three Stars of the Series between the Boston Bruins and the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Honorable Mention: Patrice Bergeron. The only reason he didn’t end up in the three stars was the series. Sure, he won the series for us. However, he only had a single goal in the first six games, and the second line had not produced much for the team.  Bergeron is still our best two-way player on the team, and he has once again be nominated for the Selke.  I’m sure this won’t hurt his feelings too badly. He will probably not have to pay for a meal in Boston for the remainder of the post season and well beyond. (Aidan)”Mr. Clutch with the game tying and eventual game winning goal. He’s the kind of guy that never gives up and was just an all around force in those final minutes.”

Third Star: Tuukka Rask – (From Matt)-“Tuukka started in all seven games of this series and was fantastic throughout.  He recorded a 2.39 GAA and had a save percentage of .923.  Prior to this season, he hasn’t had a whole lot of playoff experience and fans were wondering if he could bring the same level of play that he did in the regular season.  I believe he did.  His biggest save of the series was in the third period of Game 7.  The Bruins were down three goals at the time and he stopped a breakaway right before the comeback started.  The Bruins will need another outstanding performance against the Rangers if they want a chance at advancing.” (From Aidan)- “Even though he gave up 4 really bad goals through out the game, the defense should have been helping him out. He was a major factor in the series and played unbelievable through out it. His accomplishments can not go unnoticed because of the 4 goals he let in. He was dominating in net the whole series, and especially in the closing moments of the third.” Tuukka Rask saved our bacon on several occasions. He was a bulwark that prevented leads from getting out of hand, and he always made a serious effort to work as hard as possible to keep the Bruins in the game.

Second Star: Milan Lucic – (Matt)”In my opinion, the old Lucic everyone knows and loves is back.  He was a totally different player this series.  He was a game changer. He scored goals, created opportunities and threw his body around.  Lucic had two goals and seven assists in the series.  His second goal started the comeback in Game 7 and he was a big presence throughout the game.  It was good to see Milan back to his old ways.” Indeed, welcome back Milan Lucic. He performed below expectations in the regular season, and came back with a vengeance in the post season. His nine points in the series put him in the top five of all players in the league. (Aidan)” If it wasn’t for Lucic crashing the net and taking the team on his back in the final 10 minutes none of this ever would have happened. Despite all the criticism he’s gotten over the last few months, he showed he can handle himself under pressure especially in Game 7’s.”

First Star: David Krejci – (Matt)Krejci was unbelievable against Toronto.  He had the most points out of any player in the first round of the playoffs with 13 (five goals and eight assists).  His hat-trick in Game 4 helped Boston take a 3-1 series lead and as always was creating scoring chances for him and his teammates.  He recorded a point in every game this series except Game 6.

Matt sums up everything I have to say here. The Krejci line was there in its entirety. Lucic being a fully offensive force, and Horton stealing the pucks and making great plays. David Krejci has always been undervalued by other teams in the league and it cost Toronto huge this time. It’s not that he’s invisible, he’s just not as physical presence compared to the other two. Krejci’s hard work and dedication have been fantastic, and he was a key part of our success in that series.