Buffalo Sabres Win A Game In Boston; Not The Stanley Cup As They’d Have You Believe


January 31, 2013; Boston, MA USA; Buffalo Sabres right wing Jason Pominville (29) and left wing Thomas Vanek (26) celebrate a goal during the third period against the Boston Bruins at TD Garden. Mandatory Credit: Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

So, as everyone knows by now the Boston Bruins lost at home last night to the Buffalo Sabres by the ugly score of 7-4 (the Bruins play was more hideous than the final). The B’s move to 5-1-1 on the season, while Buffalo snapped a mini losing streak and moves to 3-3-1.

Shawn Thornton left the game early with a concussion after taking a severe beating at the hands of John Scott, who averages less than four minutes of ice time per game, but he’s now a hero in Buffalo for winning a single fight against Thornton. Cool, I guess when you’re a Buffalo fan it’s the little victories and apparently everyone already forgot about Scott getting his butt handed to him by the undersized Colton Orr? Oddly enough Orr used to be property of the B’s, now Scott knows why.

That brings us to the end of the game where the Sabres had just scored an empty net goal to take a commanding 7-4 lead with about 13 seconds left. Bruins coach Claude Julien sends out his 4th line and for some reason Sabres head coach, Lindy Ruff, left his “stars” on the ice. Regardless of what happened a timeout was called by Buffalo and the Sabres sent their “tougher” guys to the ice.

Some Bruins fans and writers took exception to the timeout immediately after the game and posted some knee-jerk reactions. For the recorded I didn’t care about the timeout last night and I really couldn’t care less about it today.

But then today we get this from Timothy Redinger over at SabreNoise.com:

"“Boston Bruins fans are upset over the simple act of Lindy Ruff calling a timeout with 13 seconds remaining in a game that was all but secured victory for the Buffalo Sabres.It’s only one game but the Bruins saw their fast and dominant start crumble at the hands of a team they have owned in recent years.Why are Bruins fan’s so upset about the timeout?  Does it make it any different than the Sabres had secured the game?  Does it make any difference that the Bruins still hold place in the standings higher than the Buffalo Sabres?  Or does it matter that Lindy Ruff may have been protecting the players he put out on the ice, from those players that Lindy put out for one of the games final face offs?”"

I don’t really know where to begin with this so I guess I’ll dive right in.

Bruins fans are upset because its lame, I don’t care what Ruff was doing or about the timeout like I’ve already said, but if he was that worried about his “star” players why wouldn’t he pull them after they scored an empty net goal to go up by 3 goals? Did it slip his mind until he saw all 201 pounds of MacDermid?

The B’s are still ahead of the Sabres in the standings, so I have no worries there, yet. As Timothy himself says its only one game and tt took a monster effort from Thomas Vanek with a hell of a 3rd period by Buffalo goaltender Ryan Miller for the Sabres to even come away with the win, I guess none of that matters because Boston fans are “crying”.

Finally, the Bruins fast and furious start didn’t crumble, that statement in itself is laughable.

Again, its one game and the Bruins are still in great shape after suffering their FIRST regulation loss, yes their FIRST regulation loss of the season. If they come out and look lifeless against the Maple Leafs, maybe I’ll get on board with that statement, but for now I won’t act like a Sabres fan and overreact about one game.

Redinger goes on to say:

"“Maybe it’s time Bruins fans realize that without Tim Thomas creating headlines for the teams, they have to think of anything to get in the headlines.It’s hockey, its a rivalry, and since we can’t have bench clearing brawls everytime we meet, something has to be done to foster some hatred between teams other than cheap shots to goalies heads.”"

Bruins fans have to think of anything to get in the headlines? No, we don’t. Our team wins (recently anyway) and is always in the headlines (good or bad), something that can’t be said about the irrelevant Buffalo Sabres or any team from Buffalo for that matter.

To be honest, the only time I ever hear about Buffalo is after they play Boston or run their mouths after playing Boston, other than that they are their usual irrelevant selves. Actually, sometimes I see Ryan Miller in headlines when he’s complaining about something or just sounding like an idiot. Even Vanek can’t get enough coverage or respect nationally and he’s a perennial 30-goal scorer. Sorry Vanek, that’s life in Buffalo.

Speaking of head-shots, anyone see Sabres overpaid forward Drew Stafford throw a blatant elbow into the head of 19-year old Dougie Hamilton? Talk about a tough guy.

Maybe thats why MacDermid was on the ice at the end, so Stafford could answer for his cheap shot. But then again, when it comes to answering the bell we know thats a topic Sabres players avoid, regarding themselves or other team’s players.