Boston Bruins Review: Week 1


Jan 25, 2013; Boston, Massachusetts, USA; Boston Bruins left wing Shawn Thornton (22) congratulates goalie Tuukka Rask (40) after defeating the New York Islanders 4-2 during the third period at TD Banknorth Garden. Mandatory Credit: Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

The Boston Bruins finished week one with a 3-0-1 record. Those seven points give them the best record not only in the Northeast Division (where the Bruins usually dominate), but the best record in the entire Eastern Conference.  The Bruins also remain undefeated at home. (only New Jersey and Tampa Bay in the East can say the same thing. We’ve seen a lot of the Bruins in the last four games, and we here at Causeway Crowd wanted to offer our thoughts on things we both liked and weren’t too crazy on.

POSITIVE – The Merlot Line. In a lot of clubs the fourth line carries a lot of stronger, more physical players, and the occasional outright brawler. Well, the Bruins fourth line is not exactly unfamiliar with dropping the gloves, they’ve accounted for six points in four games. (Gregory Campbell – three, Daniel Paille – two, Shawn Thornton – one.) Call them the “energy line” or the “merlot line”, they have been a production line for the Bruins. Campbell and Thornton already have one fight under their belts, and they have proven what solid players they are.

NEGATIVE – The Power Play. (From Aidan)”This is kind of obvious, the Bruins need to pick up the pace with the man advantage, we’ve spent too long in the basement of the power play rankings and it’s time we broke out of that. Yes the loss of Marc Savard two seasons ago obviously hurt the Bruins bad and yes, they are a defensively minded team first, but I feel like the Bruins should be able to switch from two-way play to full on offence. Maybe in time when Horton gets his legs back and gets to scoring again and when Seguin can finally translate his flash from Europe we will see  an improvement.”  Currently the Bruins are an anemic one for seventeen when they have a one man advantage. (Makes you wonder if a coach will tell a player to take a penalty to make their odds better.) While Coach Claude Julien has been incorporating a lot more 4 on 3 drills with the team, and has been making a serious attempt to correct this opportunity in the team, he’s not too seriously troubled by it. “People need to breathe little easier. They keep trying to make a mountain out of the power play. ” said Julien. Roger coach, we’ll keep the chirping down, but we know that you know it’s a problem.

POSITIVE – DOUGIE! OK, I admit that I was completely wrong about Dougie Hamilton. (From Matt) “Bruins fans could not have asked for a better first week from the 19 year old rookie.  Many people did not expect Dougie to come out like he has, but he has quickly cemented his spot on this team.”I was expecting a NHL start that was kind of like Chara’s. Nope, he’s already got his first three points in the NHL (his first multi point game was in the win over the Islanders.) The kid (6’5” is relative I suppose) goes out there and plays with a passion of a pee wee player and the skill set of an assassin. He’s already got eleven shots on goal, and is playing twenty plus shifts with at least fifteen minutes of ice time each game. How many rookies get their name chanted after just four games? Not bloody many.

NEGATIVE – SEGUIN.  I swear this isn’t personal Tyler. We at Causeway Crowd thought you were a beast during the Cup run in 2011. We also remember that you were our leading scorer in 2012. We do have to wonder a little though. You obliterated people in Switzerland. It’s obvious you got your legs back sir, we’re just wondering if we can help cover some shipping and handling charges to get your hands overnight-ed from Switzerland. No offense is meant Tyler Seguin, we just want that Swiss player here.

POSITIVE – THE PENALTY KILL. You guys have been perfect. Not much else to say there.

POSITIVETUUKKA RASK! The ‘Flying Finn’ has made a lot in Bruins Nation cheer and say “Tim who?”. Tuukka Rask has been in the net for all four games. In that time, he has already made one hundred and seven saves (for a .925% save) He’s got three wins, made some brilliant plays to keep the Bruins in the game against the Islanders, and currently holds a 1.96 GAA. It’s the right time for Tuukka time, and he’s showing us all that it’s high noon.