NHL LOCKOUT: Day 111- Running out of time fellas.


Nov 7, 2012; Boston, Massachusetts, USA; Boston Bruins center Tyler Seguin watches the Boston Celtics against the Washington Wizards during the second quarter at TD Banknorth Garden. Mandatory Credit: Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Well, the vote is currently going on with the NHLPA’s attempt to load the missiles back in the silos and threaten the league into a deal. The players vote, which will be resolved tomorrow, will give the NHLPA the power to pull the plug on itself. The last vote passed with an overwhelming margin (705-22/97% of the vote), and it is unlikely that the vote will swing that radically against it. Some of the players seemed unhappy that Fehr didn’t go nuclear when they had the chance. It’s not often when you will see me disagree with the players, but that would have been committing suicide with the season.

It’s safe to say that there never was much trust between the players and the owners. The shenanigans of the last few days have further eroded that trust. The mediator is currently in the trenches trying to get both sides to come to terms with each others issues. (Personally, maybe they should cut back on the mediators and bring on the therapists.) I think the damage is more pronounced this time around then it was eight years ago.” said ESPN’s Pierre LeBrun. “The level of anger, if not apathy that I’m seeing with a lot of  fans is more pronounced.”

No argument there. The problem is that most of the money issues have been figured out. Now, it comes down to arguing numbers.

It also comes down to how in the world is the brand going to make it up to the fan base. Eight years ago, the economy was a lot better off than it is now. Last season, I saw four games. This year, at best I know I’ll only be seeing one.(season permitting). Will Jacobs do anything to save the fans here in Boston? Will the management believe that a simple “Thank you fans” on TD Garden ice will be a fair recompense for the four months of agony and anger that his actions(as the leader of the lockout faction)have brought on us?  So, members of the Bruins management, as a humble blogger and still faithful fan, I ask you this. What are you going to do to?  Are we still going to be regarded as sheep with wallets, or will you finally see us as the people who support you?

The Celtics are run-down, the Red Sox self destructed, and I really hate football. So, can we please have some hockey?