NHL LOCKOUT: Day 89 – Tuukka’s talkin’


Feb 24, 2012; Buffalo, NY, USA; Boston Bruins goalie Tuukka Rask (40) looks for the puck against the Buffalo Sabres at the First Niagara Center. Mandatory Credit: Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

Tuukka Rask, the Boston Bruins’ new number one goalie recently returned from a brief stint in Europe.  Like most of the returning players, our own #30 took a few moments to express his thoughts on the current state of the CBA disaster. “I kind of felt like the anger [emanating from the owners’ side] was a part of their tactics, but I’m really hopeful that we can get things done here,” said Rask. “Enough’s enough.” Tuukka was unmistakenly Tuukka as the conversation continued.

As long as everyone cuts the [expletive] out of it, (Tuukka, swearing?! Oh wait.)I think the numbers are really close,” said Rask. “There’s no real reason to cancel the season or anything like that. So I think next week or so we’re going to have a deal, hopefully. “I think they’re trying to see if we’re going to break or not. I think they’ve been looking at that the whole time, but as we’ve said all along, we’re a really strong union and we stick by what we want. It’s been a tough negotiation, but I think the owners have to realize we’re not going to break, so let’s make a deal that’s good for both sides.”

The lockout continues. The press is giving the lockout more face time. Frankly, I think the deserve too.

What really chafes after all this are the people who are at the bar, defending the union riots but then breaking down the players. When I asked one of these people I got a “they’re working stiffs, not millionaires out for money!” Did you just imply that Johnny Boychuk, who drops everything and goes to whatever charity event his teammates are doing is a self-possessed millionaire? Are you suggesting that Milan Lucic who does charity events all over Boston is nothing more than a pugilist? Is this guy suggesting that Patrice Bergeron (if we ever had a Bruins player who can double as a candidate for sainthood, this man is it.) is just treating the fans like sheep with wallets to pursue more wealth?


“Alright sport.” (If I call someone ‘sport’, it’s the nicest way of telling someone to do something anatomically impossible.) “Tell me what you know about the CBA, how the owners are trying to restore hockey, and how the players are just being self-possessed?” No answer. “Can you tell me about the terms of the CBA then?” Another pause and a blank stare. “OK, why are the players being naughty?” Well, that got the gears going…. “They’re just rich and stupid!”

Well, after such a vehement rebuttal I saw no need to refute his argument. (Or perhaps his blood alcohol content probably matched his latest IQ score, one never knows.) Tuukka is right. A deal will very likely be made by Christmas. NBC, the press core, and even President Obama has chimed in on the lockout in the last 24 hours. (We’ll talk about that tomorrow.) I know we’ll get to see hockey again, I just hope that the NHL will get back the fan base it has made such a directed effort to lose.