NHL-NHLPA meeting. Could we get or lose the season today?


The big meeting is today. The meeting where the owners and the players are having a direct face to face. Bettman won’t be there, and neither will Fehr. Will progress be made? Can this meeting finally break the deadlock and end the lockout?

I really would like this to be one of those Christmas miracle moments where the owners realize the true meaning of hockey(Other than regarding their players as well payed servants and the fan base as sheep with wallets.). I still don’t know what players will be attending. I DO know that if the owners were expecting to brow beat a squad down they will be disappointed. I strongly suspect that the owners got this meeting together because they believe if they could ‘de-Fehr’ the players, it would be easier for them to accept the owners proposal.

If that’s the owners’ plan I dare say they will be disappointed.

Well, if you know anything about my hockey likes and hates then you know I’m not much a fan of anything Canuck. This might change slightly though. The latest of the players to have a postal moment with the media was the Bruin’s favorite punching bag, Henrik Sedin. “I don’t know if they[owners] think they’re dealing with kids or that we’re stupid or think the fans are stupid. It’s a little mind boggling when you see what’s coming out of their side. I want to hear a change that they’re actually going to give us something in return for the things we’re giving them.”

Upon receiving this news, Jeremy Jacobs will very likely send Brad Marchand a round trip ticket to Vancouver and some weighted hockey gloves.

Today and tomorrow will likely determine the fate of the 2012-13 season and the direction the NHL is moving in. If the players can make enough progress or present a strong enough case to the ownership today, it will be a very interesting owners meeting tomorrow. Could Jacobs be toppled as the head of the Board of Governors? Will the owners who are hurting as bad as the players and fans fg