November in review


October 6, 2011; Boston, Massachusetts, USA; Boston Bruins fans pass around a flag with the Stanley Cup as part of the celebration before the game against the Philadelphia Flyers at TD Banknorth Garden. Mandatory Credit: Greg M. Cooper-US PRESSWIRE

Not exactly been a great month for the NHL. Several attempts to meet a compromise on the Collective Bargaining Agreement have all led to nothing. Even the US government tried to step in and resolve the issue. That started on an odd note, with one of the mediators being removed over a case of possibly hacked Twitter account. The remaining mediators failed to break the deadlock, and now all hope for a season will depend on the next few days.

It’s gotten so bad the even Gary Bettman has asked that just the players and the owners meet alone so they can attempt to hack out a deal. Well? First thing this tells me is that the owners are afraid of Don Fehr. They’ve come to believe that if they can get Geppetto away from Pinnochio, maybe they can trick the players into signing. Not bloody likely guys. Fehr has been from day one, the employee of the players. He’s just the one that’s used to be a one-man trust buster against ownership. I hate saying it though. Bettman’s idea isn’t entirely without merit. Having a meeting with just players and owners could actually give both sides a better feel for each other.

Then we have our owner, Jeremy Jacobs, to deal with. I understand he wants to make money, but the man is running one of the best run teams in the league. Boston’s a hockey town. (Granted there are a few other teams in the area who have in fact won championships here too… I just care about them less.) Another hope for December is that when the managers meet on the 5th, the owners who are just as tired and frustrated over the lockout as the players and fans are will stand up and put Jacobs in his place. (After that stunt he pulled on the Winnipeg owner, he’s probably due for some interesting payback.)

The AHL Bruins are competing, but they’re struggling. They fight hard, they win their battles, and their net is decent. It’s just a combination of playing two out of three good periods, and a healthy touch of bad luck.

I’m just hoping December will bring peace on Earth, no Mayan apocolypse, and hockey back to the Garden.