Forbes Ranks Bruins 5th Most Valuable NHL Team



Perhaps it’s the swagger of recent squads or just the dashing black and gold trim, but this week, your Boston Bruins were ranked by Forbes as the 5th most valuable NHL team.  It’s a ranking that is in no small part made possible by a loyal and passionate fan base.  Forbes estimates the team to be worth a whopping $348 million.

While the B’s surely have gotten a boost by recent on-ice success, championships are certainly no guarantee for a club’s worth.  The Maple Leafs (67′), Rangers (94′), and Canadiens (93′) all topped out ahead of the Bruins, raking in considerably more money without any recent cup wins.  Meanhwile, the Hurricanes (06′), Lightning (04′), and Ducks (07′) have all won within a decade and lost money last year, while bringing up the bottom 10 for franchise values.

Still, a surge in the fanbase has been undeniable as the Bruins have sold out every home game since December of 2009.  Forbes also notes that the B’s have the 3rd strongest local cable ratings, thanks in part to complete coverage offered up on NESN.  Last year saw a 56% jump in ratings following 2011’s Stanley Cup victory.  New fans pour in while the old ones came back in droves.  All that translates to big dollar signs for Jeremy Jacobs.

And speaking of Mr. Jacobs, isn’t it about time he gave back to the loyal fans who’ve helped make his franchise so valuable?  Perhaps say, by softening his hardline negotiating stance and seeing his team put back on the ice?  Surely the fans who are forking out an average of $63 dollars a ticket would agree.  Never mind the ludicrous concession prices (side bar, when does paying $9.50 a beer get even worse?  …how about when you only paid $9 for your game ticket?  Thank you Toronto Blue Jays/Rogers Center!).  And the players aren’t innocent either… Boston players earned $66 million in payroll last season.

So c’mon boys, you’re all making millions.  Let the loyal fans who are scrapping by on dollars get a little peace and senility this winter.  They’ve earned it.