LOCKOUT: DAY 74 – Owners, make a deal!


OK, the mediators will come in and start to do their job. Granted the last time the mediators were here, they were not able to save the 2004-05 season. The players are as anxious and frustrated as the rest of us. Shawn Thornton said simply, “I’m pissed.” The league still says it cares about its fans, and wants to get back to work as well. Really? “The league has become known for lying to its fans, to its sponsors,” said Ed O’Hara, senior partner of New York-based SME Branding, which helped devise the strategy for the NHL eight years ago and still counts the league among its clients.“I don’t know how you come back from a prolonged stoppage a second time because it is unprecedented. Brands are built on promises. In this case, the promised experiences of seeing the greatest athletes in the world. That’s all gone now.”

The NHL has lost more games to strikes and lockouts than all other North American sports leagues combined.  In the past two decades, the NHL’s current total of lost games stands now at an infamous 2,120. So, where does that leave us the fans? I’m not a rich person, and I know I can only go to one or two games this year. (If we even have a season at this point.) I wonder if the owners can give us a reason why we should give up what little discretionary income we have to back their avarice and poor management decisions?

Do us a favor Jacobs.  Goand explain this to the rest of the Governors..

June 18, 2011; Boston, MA, USA; Boston Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs stands next to the Stanley Cup during the victory parade and celebration in downtown Boston after winning the 2011 Stanley Cup. Mandatory Credit: Greg M. Cooper-US PRESSWIRE

.if you want to see the money tomorrow, make a deal today.

When I found out that Boychuk and Marchand were having a meet-n-greet on December 2nd, my initial response was to boycott. Then I discovered that the league won’t see a dime of it. Sadly, Boychuk won’t be able to make the signing because he’s playing for Red Bull in Austria. On the bright side, the Little Ball of Hate will be there and I am looking to have my jersey signed.