LOCKOUT: Day Twenty Four – Season Ticket Holders getting snubs not stubs.


I have to wonder how ticked off the season ticket holders are. These are people who are plunking down a rather severe amount of money so they can have the privilege of watching the forty-one home games(now thirty-eight at the moment) the Bruins are getting to play this season. I was checking through Twitter and Facebook looking at profiles of people who have season tickets and checking out articles to see what the general consensus was of these fans.

One of these Bruins fans is Dave Lenker.  Mr. Lenker currently hold seasons tickets to a pair of seats in the balcony.  “This is basically the thanks I get for having season tickets for the past five seasons?” Lenker said. “A 3 percent APR credit and I still have to make monthly payments and keep my already-rising tickets locked in at a number where they’re ridiculously high? It’s a joke.”

The 3% APR credit Mr. Lenker refers to is what the Bruins’ home office has issued out to the season ticket holders. They have also extended the offer of locking in this seasons rates for the 2013-2014 season as well. However, this is little to salve the fans from their outrage at the current impasse in the CBA and the ongoing lockout that it has caused.

Another season ticket holder, Jaci Donahe was equally angry. “It is very frustrating that the Bruins scheduled their ‘State of the Bruins’ after the CBA expired. Whether that was a calculated move or not, it was very convenient for the organization’s higher-ups not to hear the concerns of their season-ticket holders.  I feel a lot of the backlash and confusion that I have read on message boards and Twitter could have been avoided if the ‘State of the Bruins’ was scheduled before September 15th.  A lot of questions might have been answered then, but I don’t think the Bruins had any intention of ever having the event.“I feel bad for the season-ticket holder reps that play the middlemen. It’s not fair for them to answer questions that (owners) Jeremy Jacobs or Charlie Jacobs should have had to answer themselves.”

My friend and hockey guru is even in on a percentage of a season holding package. He is frustrated because he still has to put up his money every month to get tickets that will arrive late, or very likely not at all. The current state of affairs with the fans is getting ugly. With the NHL refusing to budge unless they can extort another twenty-five percent of the players’ paychecks, and the union holding firm against that. The Boston Bruins could be seeing a smaller and less interested Bruins Nation in the future.