Keeping The Same Players May Be What We Need For the Cup, But Should We Consider A Fresh Face?


Signing Chris Bourque in the offseason was a great move for the Bruins but maybe we need another fresh face so we can add that “it” factor to our roster that will make us able to be a Cup contender again. With Tim Thomas waiving his No-Trade Clause, maybe it is time to trade him so we can get someone who may be good for our team now and in the future. The 5 million dollars we can free up with trading Thomas can get a solid forward or defenseman. Since we drafted a goalie in the first round of the NHL Entry Draft, I think we are in a good position with the goalies.

With the trade we can get a player like possibly Zach Parise, which may be a long shot, but could be a possibility because we will have that 5 million dollars from the salary cap freed. If forward isn’t the way the Bruins want to go we could try to get a defenceman like Matt Carle or Brad Stuart. But trying to get a top forward would be a great addition to our forwards with the trade of Benoit Pouliot to Tampa Bay, we need some one to be the left wing of his line.

The core of our team is coming back, which is a good thing because all of the players played on the team that won the cup, but adding an extra player that may shake things up and also helps on offense, or maybe defense, could be a good thing for the whole team and another shot at the cup in the next few seasons.