The Black and Gold Strike Silver!


I got home from work today just after the Bruins‘ Patrice Bergeron had been awarded the Selke trophy. I was thrilled that one of our own Black and Gold had won big at the 2011 NHL Awards.  In a quick text to my hockey guru/brother I blurped out a “Bergie wins the Selkie!”. I have a feeling that the teacher is going to have a backhand for the student sometime tomorrow.

Well, lets start off by saying “Congratulations!” to #37. He is only the second Bruin to be awarded the Selke in the trophy’s thirty three year history. (The other was Steve Kasper for his work as center in the ’81-’82 season) The Selke, or Frank J. Selke trophy is given to a NHL forward who demonstrates the best defensive playing in the game. It’s safe to say the Patrice earned it. Bergeron led the Bruins this year in assists(42). He was also in the top five for goals(22), and second overall for points(64).  The Bruins alternate captain led the league  with a plus/minus of +36 and faceoff wins(973).

Bergeron was up against three-time winner, five time nominee Pavel Datsyuk from Detroit, and fellow first time nominee David Backes of St. Louis. When asked about the award, Patrice was excited, yet humble.  “Playing both sides of the rink is something I take a lot of pride in. That’s the way I learned to play hockey and to actually win an award that’s given to the best defensive forward or two-way forward is something very special.” Patrice’s focus went on to the Bruins. ” But like I said, I can’t do this without my teammates. They’re the reason why I’m here and I’m very happy my name’s going to be on this trophy.”

Since his nomination he has been steadfast on how the entire team got him where he was.  In a day where many other sports have players that are focused on themselves, it is bloody refreshing to see professional athletes put their teammates on the pedastal with them.  Bergeron has been a leader, an Olympic champion and a  class act who honestly deserved the award he was given.