Game of the Year! Vancouver Canucks Visit Boston Bruins

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Well, this should be interesting.  206 days ago, the Bruins beat the Vancouver Canucks in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals to win their first championship in 39 years.  Saturday, the Canucks visit Boston for the first time since Game 6 of that series.  That was the third of three blowouts the Boston Bruins handed Vancouver in Boston.  The beat the Canucks by a combined score of 17-3!.  They chased Roberto Luongo in two of those games.

Speaking of Luongo, what’s with him bowing out of the game?  Vancouver coach Alain Vigneault, wants you to believe it’s his decision and he won’t take no for an answer, but really, what player with a pulse wouldn’t jump at the chance to recoup your reputation against the team that embarrassed you on the biggest of stages?  If Luongo had any pride at all, he’d tell his coach to he’s playing.  But, then again it is Roberto Luongo and it is the Vancouver Canucks.