Boston Bruins fan these days.  I mean, foreve..."/> Boston Bruins fan these days.  I mean, foreve..."/>

It’s Good To Be A Bruins Fan!

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And the Patriots, unfortunately are a mediocre game from Tom Brady away from the end of their season.  The Bruins?  Just the hottest team in  the NHL.  They’re young and improving, which should give a lot of hope to B’s fans.

The weird part for me is that I actually expected there to be more Bruin bandwagon jumpers.  I expected them to be talked about a lot more than they are.

At first, I felt offended.  “Geez, you win a Stanley Cup and your still not the most talked about team in town?”  But the more I thought about it the more I became comforted by the fact that hockey people are different.  Hockey isn’t a sport that anyone can just flip on, watch for a few minutes and get it.  It’s not a casual fan sport, and I hope it stays that way.

It’s not just the fact that the other teams seem to be in disarray, it’s more of the fact that the Bruins have a hopeful and bright future.  The future of the other teams seems so uncertain at this point.  It’s also the fact that for too long Bruins fans were second class citizens and now we have the Cup, to back up our dedication.  It was well worth the wait!