Boston Bruins fan these days.  I mean, foreve..."/> Boston Bruins fan these days.  I mean, foreve..."/>

It’s Good To Be A Bruins Fan!

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Sports Hub.  When they opened their airwaves,  not only were they flagship station for all the Bruins games, but they hired the likes of Toucher and Rich, who had long been one of the few radio people who talked Bruins.  They also Michael Felger.  The often controversial, sometimes whiny, always oppositional sports writer, was also one of the few people who validated Bruins fans and gave them a forum to talk about their beloved team on his 890 ESPN radio show.  I still do miss that opening theme song to his show.  I was a chronic and one of a handful of listeners to a show that was quite good, but never got the support or wattage to be successful.   But I digress…

So back to why it’s good to be a Bruins Fan.  It hit me the other day while listening to Felger and Mazz.  Out of about 5 callers during one stretch, there were two Bruins calls, discussing how the Bruins have been able to go on such a winning streak.  The other three callers were Celtics fans, sounding demoralized, trying to somehow explain away the Boston Celtics 0-3 start, and just all around pathetic!  I hate to say I found some joy in that moment, but for a long suffering Bruins fan, it was hard not to.  I don’t know who are worse the Celtic “Green-Teamers” or the Red Sox “Pink Hats”.  This is not a slam on 80% of these teams fans, I consider myself one.  But listening to those Celtic fans in panic mode, trying to keep everyone calm, was some hot radio action!