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Do You Believe in Karma? Then You Might Believe Sidney Crosby’s Injury Is Matt Cooke’s Fault!

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So let’s recap: Black Gold & White.  GM’s hired same year.  Both lost star player to concussion.  Before Matt Cooke hit:  1 stanley cup win for Pitt.  Since, 1 cup for Bruins.  Although it’s likely that these two teams will be contenders for the foreseeable future, their fortunes seem to be headed in different directions.  If there are Hockey Gods, they certainly didn’t like the Matt Cooke hit, no matter what Colin Campbell said.  And if you believe in Hockey Karma, it looks like it’s come back to bite the Penguins in the ass.  So, Sid the Kid, you don’t have to look any further than your locker room to put the blame on your concussion problems.  That depends on what you believe in.