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Do You Believe in Karma? Then You Might Believe Sidney Crosby’s Injury Is Matt Cooke’s Fault!

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Recently, Sidney Crosby blamed David Krejci for elbowing him during the first period of a recent 3-1 Bruins victory  for his latest concussion symptoms.  You can watch a great video of it here.  After watching the video it looks more like Krejci was using his body to shield the puck, something Bruins fans see several times a game.  Then he takes a swing at the puck and misses.  His left arm then follows through and makes solid contact with Crosby’s head.

This got me to thinking.  Is there such a thing as the Hockey Gods, that so many old time players speak of?  Is there Karma in Hockey?  If so, then you could argue that the Penguins are paying their debt to the hockey gods for Matt bleepin Cooke’s irresp0nsible hit on Marc Savard.  I still can’t believe he wasn’t suspended, but I digress.  It’s not that crazy, if you think about it.  Before the Matt Cooke hit on March 7th, 2010, the Penguins had won the cup the previous year and lost in the finals the year before that.  The Bruins?  They were coming off a great regular season, but bowed out in the 2nd round of the playoffs the year before and hadn’t been relevant in almost twenty years.