Game 2: First Period Summary


Not a great first period if you are a Bruins’ fan. They got outplayed, outhit, and outscored as they trail Vancouver, 1-0. Only Tim Thomas’ continued stellar play kept this from being a three-goal deficit – though I do think he could have stopped the goal. He looked surprised the shot was taken, and even more surprised the puck got to the net.

Boston stars: Thomas

Boston duds: Krejci, Horton, Lucic have been invisible; Ference for not clearing that puck

What needs to happen in period 2: Create more opportunities; slow the Canucks’ forwards down; actually get some traffic in front of Luongo; hit someone; change up the lines — there is nothing to lose.

Other: Millbury can quit whining about Burrows not being suspended. Even as a Boston fan, I do not think he should have been suspended. At this point, unless someone gets hurt, it should be fines only. The Bruins have scored just one goal in the last 180 minutes.