Best Bruins Hockey Fights #10


While the Bruins are on an Olympic Break, I figured I would switch it up here at the Causeway Crowd blog.  I don’t know about you guys, but one of the things I look at most on Youtube is hockey fights.  This got me thinking; what are the best hockey fights that Youtube has to offer?  Then, the wheels started really turning and I wondered; what are the best Bruins hockey fights on Youtube?  So, I did a little searching and have assembled my Top 10 list.  I will start at #10 and feel free to weigh in at anytime, especially if I missed one that is worthy.  There is only so much searching I can do and only so many phrases I can type in to turn up results.  Nevertheless, my rankings are according to the following criteria:

  • Quality- Were there some good punches landed?  I want actual fights, not WWE.
  • Outcome- Even if a Bruins player did not gain the upperhand, did it appear as though the fight took a toll on at least one of the fighters?
  • Atmosphere- Fights get fans going.  Good fights REALLY get fans going.  How did the crowd respond to the ongoing brawl?
  • Damage- Blood shed, etc. always a plus
  • Reputation- This includes both the reputation of the fighters and whether you can watch it and say, “Hey, I remember that!”
  • Fired-Up Factor- How fired up did you get after watching the fight?  Please though, control yourselves!

So, I give you #10………

P.J. Stock vs. Matthew Barnaby