Mar 9, 2014; Sunrise, FL, USA; Florida Panthers defenseman Erik Gudbranson (44) collides with Boston Bruins center Chris Kelly (23) in the first period at BB&T Center. Mandatory Credit: Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

Boston Bruins Trade Targets: Chris Kelly

There still seems to be rumblings and whispers among the Boston Bruins faithful. The fan base believes that certain players should or will be traded in the upcoming days. Over the next couple of days, I want to look at some of the players who are on the block in a lot of fans’ minds and offer an opinion of who is likely to stay in Boston or find their fortune somewhere else in the league.

I know a lot of people want to send Chris Kelly packing. Chris Kelly had an injury laden season, and he missed the playoffs. (His last game played was April 8th against the Minnesota Wild.) He even had to have back surgery to repair the damage he sustained during the season. He only put up eighteen points this season(nine goals) and his plus/minus was a +2. That +2 is weak compared to other Bruins, but the Black and Gold had to constantly reconfigure the third line this year due to injuries.

Some might even consider him leaving when the moved Kelly to the wing to move Carl Soderberg in as center. Truth be told, the third line started to gel in that Loui Eriksson- Carl Soderberg -Chris Kelly configuration. Kelly’s ‘back of the house’ leadership is one of the reasons why they pinned an ‘A’ on his jersey. It would be odd for the organization to give him a letter and then ship him off to another team.

When Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli issued a statement on the Kelly surgery he finished by stating that he expected him to be ready for the start of Training Camp. That tells me Chiarelli is going to keep him unless someone makes an interesting offer. People also tend to forget this is a team that can still win a Stanley Cup, and I doubt Kelly will waive his no-trade clause to go to a franchise that’s actively rebuilding.

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  • Willy

    Kelly is untradeable, between his salary which is way too much, his injury history, lack of production, the fact the B’s will never use a buyout, all these things add up to Kelly being here until he either becomes more tradeable or his contract ends. Thanks PC for sticking us with a subpar player for the foreseeable future.

    • bruinfan

      You can send him to Providence. He will pass through waivers and even if he is picked up you would be able to get his salary off the books either way. Stop being so pessimistic. You can always find a way to rid a player from your team if he has a salary every team agrees is to high. Wouldn’t be the first it won’t be the last. Stop blaming coaches and management in every comment you write. You need to be more informed for a guy who has followed this team for 40 years.

  • Matt

    Jeremy Jacobs needs to bring management in that knows what the hell their doing.

    • John Valleau

      Being a Cup contender every year is not good enough for you?

      • Matt

        Realistically, the one year they did win, THOMAS played on another level Rask is incapable of playing on. Hard to see them winning again with just a bunch of grinders and no solidified finisher.

      • George Costanza III

        Getting smoked by Montreal 7 Bruins 1 the last two games didn’t teach you anything.
        This team is trending downward,Chara is aging and has looked his age at the end of the last
        two seasons. Are you missing any of this? Seidenberg is coming off a major injury and so is
        McQuaid. Now I don’t know about you but I already convinced we can’t depend on Barkowski.
        The strength of this team is defense, so maybe read the above again and think Montreal 7
        Bruins 1. Do you see Chiarelli fixing this or any other obvious Bruins problems?
        Don’t give me Cap problems who created the Cap problems?
        Lots of teams make the playoffs,big deal. Did you see a Cup contender vs Montreal.
        After 39 years it looks like we are one and done, and if thats okay with you fine, but I don’t
        like it and I bet a lot more Bruins fans don’t like it either. You sure set the bar low.

  • Matt

    Even if they cant trade him, he better be on the 4th line @ best!

  • sabrina murphy b.

    He can’t be traded, he can only be bought out…. seriously do your homework. He has a very strict NTC, sure they could ask him, but he will say no. He has a family and doesn’t want to move them and insisted on a strict ntc for a reason.

    • Matt

      Thats on the management for a horrible deal structure. Of course no team will buy him out because other teams look for guys who actually produce and stay healthy. If its not a PK, Kelly is basically useless.

    • bruinfan

      Do your homework. He can be sent to the minors if he clears waivers.

  • Matt

    ..and when i say need management that knows what the hell their doing .. They have a very speedy and play-making type of player in Spooner who they should have been grooming this season just sitting in Prov. while they kept on playing the do-nothing, rack-up penalty minutes Caron… (who better be gone this yr!)
    Just completely baffles me beyond belief.
    -And Fraude repeatedly puts the 4th line out during crucial times of the game that helped lead to the Bruins demise.
    -Fraude also failed to try anything to spark some momentum, such as doing what ANY other good coach would do in switching up the lines when your top guys are doing absolutely nothing playoff game after playoff game.

  • LaurieLacey

    Actually, I like Kelly, especially what he brings in the faceoff circle and on the penalty kill. They missed him for those reasons, in the Montreal series. His contract isn’t bad and only has 2 years remaining in it. His cap hit of 3 million is a bit high, but not by a lot. He may wave his no-trade clause for certain teams – it’s not impossible. However, I’d like to see them keep him, for one more playoff run.

    I’m not convinced about Spooner. The guy played 23 games for the Bruins and managed 11 assists – I’m still waiting for his first goal. I’d be tempted to put him in a package and deal him. I’d rather see KoKo, than Spooner, with the big club.

    • Matt

      Haha. Im glad you brought up stats – Yes Spooner 11A in 23 games. ( basically his 1st 23 games in the pros) Kelly 9Gs and 9As in 57 games( as a “veteran” …..
      -Give Spooner more time i bet theres potential there. Deff more than Kelly…
      - Not to mention Kelly is a proven injury-prone guy

    • Matt

      And id deff like to see what KoKo got as well. Thornton is gone. Id like to see Campbell gone too. So there could be room for Spooner and KoKo. Just get Kelly off the 3rd line and on to the 4th. I actually think Kelly could be a solid 4th line Center. Nothing more.