Feb 4, 2014; Boston, MA, USA; Vancouver Canucks right wing Jannik Hansen (36) keeps the puck away from Boston Bruins defenseman Matt Bartkowski (43) during the second period at TD Banknorth Garden. Mandatory Credit: Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Boston Bruins AGM Jim Benning to take over as GM for Canucks.

While the Boston Bruins have already begun discussions within the organization on how to make themselves better for next season, it appears there has been changes going on in the front office. Assistant General Manager Jim Benning will be moving on to take over the vacant General Manager’s position for the Vancouver Canucks.

The Bruins have been a successful organization these past few seasons. They’ve gone to the post season every year since Claude Julien took over as head coach, and there is that little something about a big piece of silver they took home in June 2011. The Bruins front office know that a track record of strong performances will make people who work for the Black and Gold very attractive to other clubs in the National Hockey League.

“We have given permission for Jim to talk. He has talked to a couple different teams. That’€™s what happens when you have success. Teams look at other organizations that have success and start inquiring about your management group. It’€™s something that a lot of good organizations have had to deal with over time and we are dealing with that right now.”- Bruins President Cam Neely

Peter Chiarelli has turned the Bruins organization into a role model for most teams to follow. This year’s President’s Trophy win was no exception. (We can discuss what happened against the Canadiens another day.) The team consistently made minor changes these last few seasons. While other teams would undergo drastic overhauls, or claim that a season would be a rebuilding one, the Bruins have maintained a steady pace and have found their way at or near the top of the NHL rankings. That level of achievement is indicative of the organization’s professionalism and desire to compete. (It’s not just the players battling every night you know.)

 “I think that it speaks to what’s now become sort of the Boston model. People do want to copy what you’€’re doing because of the success we have seen and we didn’t win this year, and got to the Finals the year before and all. These are enviable positions to be in. I love being here after a season like we just had. Disappointment in the playoffs and our objective is the Cup, it isn’t  necessarily to have the best team during the regular season as it is to win the Stanley Cup. We will continue that objective and I think we will continue to grow from here.”- Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs

So good luck to Benning in his new endeavors (or endeavours as he’ll have to learn to spell it north of the border). He’ll have an exciting challenge in helping to re-invigorate the Canucks franchise. It’s a good fit for a gentleman who has helped make the Bruins brand name something to be respected.

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  • SemiahmooWR

    Benning is probably sick of the gratuitous racism.

    • BillyB

      Then why is he going to a city that painted a swastika on Lucic’s family’s church in Vancouver?

      • SemiahmooWR

        Guess he wanted to feel home like in Boston. Maybe Lucy is a Chetnik at heart and wouldn’t mind.

    • bruinfan

      Are you from Boston? I don’t think so. Boston does not have gratuitous racism, you are misinformed. That is an old stereotype that has no bearing now. None of the comments about PK Subban were from people from Boston or Bruins Fans. That is what you are referring to, correct. What was said about him is wrong and my city was not the culprit. Stop the spread of hate! Do some research for yourself and not be a sheep led where people want you to go. It is this type of ignorance to the truth that gives people the wrong idea. PK deserves better and so does the Bruins organization.