May 1, 2014; Boston, MA, USA; Boston Bruins left wing Shawn Thornton (22) checks Montreal Canadiens defenseman Josh Gorges (26) during the first overtime period in game one of the second round of the 2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs at TD Banknorth Garden. Mandatory Credit: Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Boston Bruins: 'Watergate' incident occurs, Habs fans scream racism.

The Boston Bruins came out firing on all cylinders tonight. Their 4-2 win over the Montreal Canadiens gives them their first lead in the best of seven series. The Bruins now have the opportunity to finish off the Habs at the Bell Centre on Monday night. We can talk about the high powered performance of the third ‘How Swede It Is’ line, and we can talk about the Bruins finally playing an aggressive defensive minded game against their bitterest rivals in the NHL. I would like to take an article to redress a recent issue and show how it works both ways here.  After game one, “Bruins fans” showed their lack of class (and hockey knowledge in general) with a racist attack against P.K. Subban. Well, this time around, it’s members of the Canadiens fringe fan base accusing the Bruins of racism.

I wish I was kidding here.

In the closing minutes of the third period, Bruins forward Shawn Thornton was accused of spraying water into the face of Subban. Subban immediately went to the refs to demand another penalty against the Bruins. (To his credit, he had done a rather spectacular job selling the hit Matt Bartkowski gave him. That hit allowed a power play that got the Canadiens back within two goals.) Subban jawed at the ref, the ref told him to go away, and Shawn Thornton laughing at the whole scene became a monster trend on social media.  The Bruins won, and a healthy majority of the Habs’ fans accepted the loss and chose to move on to game six. A certain percentage of the Canadiens’ fan base on the other hand chose not to be such gracious losers. Leave it to the Montreal faithful to fire off a gem like this.

Had this comment been made to me, I’d be making sure my attorney was working for his retainer fee. Our counterpart over at the Montreal Canadiens’ site A Winning Habit saw this interplay and commented quickly on the subject. (Personal Note: While we disagree on hockey, the staff over at A Winning Habit have been a class organization ever since I started at FanSided in 2012. If you’re a Habs fan, or at least tolerant of the bleu, blanc, et rouge give them a look over. They’re a quality staff that loves hockey as much as any normal Bruins fan.)

A *stick tap* to our counterparts over at A Winning Habit. Another *stick tap* out to the 99.99% of the Montreal fan base you can still talk hockey with like adults. Finally, a big *stick tap* out to the Bruins as they take a 3-2 lead in the series over the Habs.

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  • Nicnacnic

    Just curious if you think it’s okay to spray water in the face of someone on the ice, funny or not?

    • Harkins1721 .

      Its funny if its not during play. And if its not in the eyes of someone blocking their vision. I wish Thornton waited til the play stopped but he just got him back for lifting the net in Game 4 while the Bruins were on the PP.

  • SemiahmooWR

    Boston has a very rich history of racism and it runs deep in the white Bostonians heart. The Boston Busing Crisis bears that out. How will Malcolm Subban be able to live and work in such a racist city?

    • bruinfan

      He will be fine because that is not Boston now. Don’t jump on what is said to be from Boston because none of those racist F#@&$ represent Boston. Those comments about PK were from Long Island, one of the Carolinas and somewhere else that is not Boston. None are fans of the Bruins or represent us. You are misinformed. Boston did have a racist past but that is exactly what it is, past along with the whole country for that fact. Come and see for yourself how wrong you are before passing judgment.

      • SemiahmooWR

        Give me strength. The apple never falls far from the tree. Boston fans are racists (lots of history), Canuck fans are rioters (twice) and Leaf fans are delusional that they live in a sports town.

        • bruinfan

          Really what makes Boston fans racist. No examples of past keep within last 10 years. There are idiots all over and hate spreaders like you in all aspects of life who point in another direction so you don’t look at them. I an referring to you. I agree with the other comments. Don’t tell me it is because of the terrible comments towards Subban because if you do a tiny bit of research you will see not a single bruins fan among them. The other three sports teams have had racial problems in the past but that is what it is the past. Not now would it be tolerated by any true Boston fan.

          • SemiahmooWR

            Just pushing your buttons. Feel sorry for Malcolm though.

          • bruinfan

            I feel bad for you more. Keep up the back peddling. Joking about racism, real smart. Who does that?