Mar 24, 2014; Boston, MA, USA; Boston Bruins left wing Milan Lucic (17) battles with Montreal Canadiens defenseman P.K. Subban (76) in front of Canadiens goalie Peter Budaj (30) during the first period at TD Banknorth Garden. Mandatory Credit: Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Boston Bruins Playoffs: The Canadiens compliment the Black and Gold.

The Boston Bruins and the Montreal Canadiens will be on the ice tonight at the TD Garden to play game one in their Eastern Conference Semifinal series. The feud has gone on between these teams for nearly a century now, and we know that it has gotten outright ugly at times. (If you’ve ever looked at social media activity between the fan bases, you know how vicious the taunts can get.) Claude Julien quipped on how he hated Boston when he coached the Habs, and how he hates Montreal now that he coaches the Black and Gold.

With such a history of animosity, one would think the pre-game press would be contentious and adversarial. I was pleasantly surprised to see that it wasn’t. The Montreal Canadiens were very respectful to the Bruins organization in their pre-game media time. While the Canadiens acknowledged the rivalry, they took the high road today, and said things that were complimentary of the Bruins, their coaches, and their organization. (I actually watched stuff two or three times to make sure.)

Let’s start off with what Canadiens head coach Michel Therrien said. He has shown his disdain for the Black and Gold in his tenure as the Habs’ bench boss in the past, and it was a surprising one-eighty from his usual anti-Bruin material. So, *stick tap* for Therrien for this little quote(that may come back to haunt him).

“The Boston Bruins are the best team in the league right now, and this year. So we understand that it’s a huge challenge every time — not only for us, but all the teams that played the Bruins this year. They finished in first place, and it was well deserved.” -Michel Therrien

The Canadiens who were interviewed followed their coach with very respectful remarks that made you wonder if the Ottawa Senators, the Columbus Blue Jackets, or the St. Louis Blues had secretly snuck into the away team’s locker room and held the interview.

“This is something special to have the chance to have a Habs-Bruins playoff series.” – Montreal forward Daniel Briere

“You understand how good their power play is. You can’t be giving them those extra opportunities on the power play, but when they do get them, we have to be sharp on the kill. As much as you can, you got to try to limit their time and space and force them to make tough plays. They got two really good units that kind of have different styles on each unit, so it’s important for us to just be prepared beforehand.”- Montreal defenseman Josh Gorges

Will this tone of respect stay this way? No, Probably not. It was a refreshing change of pace though.

I wrote an article last week that posed the question on how gracious Michel Therrien would be. At the moment, I appear to be in the wrong. If this sort of attitude continues, I’ll have to apologize. The Canadiens have taken the high road, and it was a nice thing to see from the Bruins’ most ancient rivals. So, *stick tap* to you Canadiens, let’s try not to kill each other when the puck drops tonight.


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  • Patrick Dupuis

    Up front, I am a Habs fan. But I respect what the B’s have done. Tough physical but usually good hockey. I was surprised with Lucic and spearing, more like nueter, not once but twice.

  • Pridenpoise

    ” stick tap” to all the classless Bruins fans who pelted PK with garbage, and racial slurs, instead of writing about the Habs lack of respect toward the Bruins, try penning another one, about the losers who attend the games and call themselves fans of the team, that you seem to insinuate exudes class. The Habs and their Fans have more class and are more respected than any team in the NHL, to write otherwise makes you look a fool.

    • James

      I dont think so, the habs fans were booing the American anthem last series in 2011, not to smart as I think they have six Americans playing for them, lets see if they boo again, oh and didnt the habs fans have riots in the great city of Montreal, the biggest thing I dont get is how do you cheer for a team that dives.

      • Pridenpoise

        The Boos were in response to the Canadian Flag being booed, do your homework, and how do you cheer for a team that spears people in the nuts, their the dirtiest team in the league. Worry about your own classless fans, not the class of the NHL, I’m sure you’re another “Bruin Fan” that hopped on the wagon in 2011.

        • bruinfan

          I cheer my team the same way Montreal fans cheer their diving and embellishing Montreal team. That is with chears and clapping.

          • Pridenpoise

            You listen to the local sports pundits to much, hence your lack of knowledge on our great team. The B’s are dirty just like their fans.

          • bruinfan

            So what your telling me is you are not knowledgeable about your illustrious team. I never said they didn’t do anything wrong and I think the talking heads are mostly full of it. The Bruins try to bully people and the Canadians are divers and actors. I have been a hockey fan for over 30 years and I hate all these stupid bandwagon jumpers who wanted nothing to do with my team just a few years ago. I am a hockey fan above any team. Neither team needs to act. Just play hard honest hockey.

          • Pridenpoise

            How is dirty hard honest hockey.

          • bruinfan

            Read what I wrote “Just play hard honest hockey”. Did not say dirty. Where did that come from. It wasn’t from me. You can see what you want but that was not what I have written.

          • Pridenpoise

            I wrote it.

          • bruinfan

            Well to answer your statement that was meant to be a question. It isn’t and that is why both teams should quit the garbage and play honest hockey. No dirty play or any other type of crap.

  • Andrew Thompson

    I don’t think you understand that there are Bruins fans (myself included) that are horrified and angry over the actions of some of these “Bruins fans”. The same way some Habs fans should have been when “Habs fans” threw bananas on the ice when Subban first came to Montreal. The same way “Habs fans” poked fun at the terrorist attack that happened last year in Boston. There is no place in hockey for the idiots that claim to represent either fan base.