Nov 2, 2013; Uniondale, NY, USA; New York Islanders center Peter Regin (16) and Boston Bruins left wing Brad Marchand (63) fight for the puck during the second period of a game at Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum. Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Paging Brad Marchard, the Bruins need you on the ice.

My favorite player on the Boston Bruins is Brad Marchand. I love the fact that a guy my size (well, at least the size I was in college) can outplay and outskate so many players half a foot taller (or more) larger than him. I loved the swagger, the attitude and the way he got on the ice and played as if he was six years old again. That Brad Marchand inspired me to get my ‘Ball of Hate’ custom jersey.

This year’s Brad Marchand looks nothing like the Brad Marchand that topped the team in scoring last year. A lot of simple mistakes have dotted his performance so far this season. To date, # 63 has only four points and one goal this season. Carl Soderberg who has played in half the games Marchand has caught up to him last night in the 3-1 defeat by the Islanders.

Marchand’s game in the Islanders is symbolic for all the troubles he has had this season.  Marchand led all Bruins with four turnovers last night. He was only able to fire a single shot on net during the game. In the face off circle, he was easily beaten in the defensive zone. That series led to a burst of offense from the Islanders led to Andrew MacDonald’s goal. His -2 performance tonight only makes his +/- score worse. At -3, he’s the only ‘top six’ forward on the team in the negative. As it is now, top six doesn’t even seem to apply to him anymore.

Loui Eriksson is starting to move forward in his concussion. He’ll likely be on the ice in the next week or so. When that occurs, it looks like it will be time for a change in Boston.

While I certainly don’t believe a Patrick Kaleta-type waiver is the answer here, I think it’s time that Coach Claude Julien hit Brad Marchand with a healthy scratch (or two). It’ll give Marchand a chance to take a step back from the game. It will allow him to take a night off and not overthink everything he is doing. It will also send a message to a Bruins team that seems to just be coasting so far in their 8-5 season.


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  • Jay Duke

    He’s gotta sit. Beyond brutal. But I don’t see this as a fixable thing. He looks like he’s ready to leave.

  • Nostre Dummass

    Every day I hear more on the rumour the Bruins have “hobbled” Marshy by insisting he STOP with his pest stuff. Whatever idiot on the Bruins thinks you can pick and choose what aspects of a player you like and dump the rest should ask Lucic how his season went after they told him to stop fighting last year. Marchand has been one of Boston’s best players over the last few seasons. And now they repay him by taking away the heart of his game….HIS HEART. Now they’re playing musical chairs with Spooner. Only one person stupid enough to be pulling all this nonsense in the B’s front office:Someone needs to tell Neely to get his *&%$@ hands off the Spoked B before he ruins this season…and another GREAT player!!!

    • Arabrabra

      Umm I dont know who your hearing that news from, but Claude has been INCOURAGING him to return to his pest routine. No one is discouraging him. Marshy hasnt been himself since his injury, He is a lil too skeched out. Same w Bergy. Everyone needs to step up and stop overthinking.

  • Arabrabra

    This is a CRAZZZZY thought, and I dont really believe it, but would it be at all possible that Marshy isnt happy in Boston now that Segys gone? Could he be trying for a trade? Like I said, I dont really think so…but it almost seems he is purposely giving the puck away at points! Thoughts?

    • drinksometea

      I think the trade of Seguin scared the crap out of Marchand. He was afraid he was next. His problem is in his head. I think he wants to stay in Boston–he just bought a high-priced condo on the waterfront. If he was bucking to get traded, he’d not have bought any new real estate. I bet he misses his friend, but really, who would want to get traded and take the chance of ending up in some hockey wasteland like Dallas?

      • Arabrabra

        yeah agreed…just seems so … deliberate sometimes! Its like that was a perfect pass…to the OTHER TEAM! Crazy. But I think every player is struggling right now too. Bergy hasnt recovered his speed from his injuries, Soupy too…I cant believe they sent back Spooner! Woudl rather have him instead of Caron…

  • drinksometea

    Marchand is my favorite player, but he needs to sit out a few games. The Bruins need him to play his game. His confidence seems to be gone.