Worst band ever -- and they are based in Vancouver. (Photo/8notes.com)

10 Reasons To Dislike Vancouver And The Canucks

Vancouver looks nice, but stay away from the Eastside. (Photo courtesy of worldtimeserver.co)

As the Bruins turn their attention to Vancouver, fans are also looking out to Western Canada to see who/why they should hate the Canucks. It will be a bit of a stretch, since Boston only faces Vancouver once a season, and the city itself is beautiful and the people very nice. It is not like the Bruins are facing the Flyers or Canadiens, here.


That being said, fans still need a reason to hate the opposition. So here are the Top 10 reasons (mostly tongue-in-cheek) to dislike Vancouver and/or the Canucks:

10. Maxim Lapierre: A known agitator (strike 1), Lapierre is a Quebec native (strike 2) who played parts of five seasons with the Montreal Canadiens (strike 3).

9. The city’s Downtown Eastside: Sure Boston has neighborhoods with some issues, but Vancouver’s Eastside makes the worst Boston neighborhood seem pristine. Filled with crackheads, prostitutes, and criminals, it is reported to be the area for which the term, “skid row” was born.

8. The 2010 Olympics were there: Sidney Crosby scores the game-winning goal as Canada beats the USA. ‘Nuff said about that!

7. Raffi Torres: The Bruins almost acquired Torres at the trade deadline last year, and if they had, Bruins fans would love him. He plays on the edge, hits everything in sight, and draws the ire of the opposition and its fans. He also has been suspended a number of times for cheap/illegal hits. Think a bigger version of Matt Cooke.

6. Hypocrisy: Vancouver’s top industry for years is logging. It is also the birthplace of the annoying Greenpeace movement (the idea of protecting the environment is great, but it can be done without littering the streets with pamphlets and papers). In fact, maybe these two groups work together! Hmmm you kill the trees and we will waste paper …

5. The rest of Canada hates Vancouver: Most Canadians are nice people who dislike very little. However, almost of all Canada hates Quebec (as do Bostonians) and most also hate Vancouver. If Canadians detest Vancouver, why shouldn’t we?

Sedin is apparently Swedish for "girls". (Photo courtesy of inthepen.wordpress.com)

4. Rain: It rains there all the time … oh wait, it rains here all the time too. Did we have a spring?


3. The Sedin Twins: One major reason to hate them is they are just too damn good. Henrik won the Art Ross Trophy and the Hart Trophy last year, while Daniel won this year’s Art Ross and is a finalist for the Hart. Plus, both are strong contenders for this year’s playoff MVP. Second, they have always played together. Isn’t that sweet? Barf! Lastly, they have had a history of diving (ala P.K. Subban). Legend has it that Swedish fans would chant during Modo games (in Sweden) that (translated), “Sedins are girls.”

One word: Ugly. (Photo/NHL.com)


2. The logo: What the heck is that supposed to be? Why an Orca? I know the team is owned by a group that also owns Orca Bay, but are they that vain to put an Orca on the team jersey? Ugly and stupid.

1. Nickelback: Most of these reasons are tongue-in-cheek, but not this one. Nickelback,

based in Vancouver, is possibly the worst thing that ever happened to rock music and surely there popularity is one of the reasons Harold Camping predicted the end of days. God forbid if these guys are trotted out to sign either national anthem.



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  • Habs10

    Agree with most points. Thot crackheads, prostitutes, and criminals was a reference to Bruins.

  • Albert

    All of Canada hates Toronto….submitter knows little about the country he is writing about

  • Steve Kendall

    Like I said, tongue-in-cheek — plenty of prostitutes, druggies and criminals in Boston too.

    As for the Toronto comment — that’s probably true too, and probably about Mont. But Vancouver is also hated throughout Canada … I’m not sure why, but do a little research and you’ll see that is true. Maybe it’s jealousy — but again, it’s supposed to be fun, not serious.

  • Laura

    Albert is right. Canada hates Toronto-they don’t hate Vancouver. If they did, as Canadians i’m sure we would know.

  • Laura

    That being said – we do all hate Maxim Lapierre and Celine Dion.

  • bill

    OK i agree one hundred percent with the nickelback comment. However the band boston is equally as bad if not worse.

    The logo i never cared much for although it is semi reflective to the first nations art in british columbia so i can understand why it might be hard for you to get. You kinda need to be a little bit culturally savvy to get it.

    Would you call the sedins girls to their faces. Even tho they might be baby faced pretty boys i am sure they could hip check you into submission with little or no effort.

    Rain cant argue with you there but i do doubt very much boston smells as nice as
    vancouver .

    the rest of canada hates vancouver. really? I am not sure there seems to be a hell of a lot of transplants from other parts of canada who vow to never leave once they have come.

    Ok the logging greenpeace thing is tied together in a way i think i would have to return to my teenage pot head days to wrap my head around and i have moved so far on from that. come on man what in the hell are you talking about there.

    I am sure if torres was still in boston you would be lauding him. Who is the hypocrite now. lol

    The olympic gold win. What do you expect. I mean you guys get lucky every now and again but face the facts. the cold harsh climate of canada and all that bacon and logging we do produces strong tough hockey machines. I mean you guys are so good at so many things but hockey is Canada’s game. We let you have basketball back after we invented it you can keep it .

    The DTES. yup its pretty scary down there i could see why you would be scared. I mean its like a zombie movie. You know what tho i watched a news cast from boston today where people were talking about breaking canuck fans legs for wearing there jerseys. The people saying these things seemed to be regular every day people. I mean i would expect this from someone who was under the influence of mind altering substances but hey what the hell do they put in your freaking water down there.

    Lapierre Just count your lucky stars donald brashear or gino odjick no longer plays with the canucks. I mean lapierre is gonna be the least of your worries.

    When we hoist the cup then hate on us. lol The cups coming home to wear it belongs. Canada no one cares much about hockey in the us anyways. lol runs and ducks

  • Steve Kendall

    Thanks for reading and commenting, Bill! Like I said, most of this is just for fun and trying to come up with “reasons” to dislike the Canucks because, let’s be honest, there is not much to dislike about them! Other than Nickelback (and maybe Maxim Lapierre), the rest are in jest. I loved watching the Olympic Gold medal game (just mad the USA lost!), and the Sedins are unbelievable.

    I am looking forward to a great series between two excellent teams.

  • http://@Steve bill

    All in good fun Man :)

  • Steve Kendall

    Absolutely! By the way, I would say Boston is responsible for New Kids on the Block, which may be worse than Nickelback!

  • Steve Kendall

    And I love Canadian bacon!

  • http://none karl fricke

    Hallo Steve,

    Mz first hockey love were the Bruins in the 6 team league.
    I suffered with them through most of the sixtist when they did did not make the playoffs six years in the row. I was in my glory when Bobby and Phil arrived. The loss to the Flyers in the finals made me sick. When I moved to B.C. there were the Canucks on TV and the Bruins far away but not forgotten. Since my arrival in B.C. I began to suffer for the Canucks for many years too, and now they could finally win the cup. May the better team win.

  • http://@Steve bill

    NKOTB i forgot about them. I still dont thnk they are as bad as nickelback though. You cant get pizza worth beans in Vancouver. I mean I think you guys got us beat there hands down.
    Also finding a good hot dog in vancouver is a lost cause.

  • Lolo tyresierra

    YOUR A FAGOT!!!!!!!the canucks are amazing luongo rocks and thomas sucks asshole cuz hes gay and at least kesler aactually can score unlike your god damn f ing forward

  • Lolo tyresierra


  • Steve Kendall

    Hey Karl. As I said, none of this was meant to be taken seriously. Alex Burrows is one of my favorite players to watch, and I enjoy watching Ryan Kesler play as well. Last night’s game was intense, and I expect the entire series to be intense. Luongo and Thomas were both fantastic. And I agree, may the better team win the series.

    Thanks for sharing, Lolo!

  • rimsky

    What’s wrong with the Orca logo? Orca whales dive (into the ocean) and bite their prey. Sorta like the Vancouver diving squad and finger biting Burrows.

  • http://@Steve bill

    Well as for burrows biting fingers .. if a dude is stupid enough to jam your finger into your mouth he should get it bit off. We all saw the video and you cant deny it did appear as if bergeron was trying to check for pollyps on burrows tonsils. Any man worth his salt would try to bite a dudes finger off who was trying to do that. I mean its not like mike tyson trying to make a piece of beef jerky out of hollyfields ear.

  • Andy Hatch

    10 Reasons to Dislike Boston and the Bruins

    10 Patrice Bergeron is from Quebec and Micheal Ryder a Newfie you know the ones that come out west
    and take all the good jobs.

    9 Boston is known as “Beantown” say no more. Imagine a million folks all with Gastritous all at the same
    time and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

    8 The Boston Marathon is held there where thousands of Americans get their ass handed to them by a couple Kenyan’s
    every year.

    7. The annual visit with the president by the Stanley Cup winner(US only). Do we really want a bunch of Canadians in the White House. We just had the
    Medicare Bill whats next the GST?

    6. Every spring all the fans of the Toronto Maple Leafs look for a bandwagon to jump on. It’s never a Canadian team as they feel they are “Canada’s team”. So they
    look south of the border and Boston is one the favorite places. Even the management love Boston they trade away first round picks for an american player who
    the Bruins regularly scratch from their line-up for poor play!

    5. Don Cherry you know “I love the Bruins so much I even where their shorts”. Really we don’t want to have to listen to more of his bragging about the Bruins.

    4. Boston Rob you know the one that keeps coming back year after year on Survivor. He sent Matt the Christian to Redemption Island twice. They say all Bostonites
    are as smug as him.

    3. Who likes Bears anyway they don’t let you take pictures of their cubs without mawling you. They get in your garbage bins make a big mess everywhere.

    2.The Logo – Remember in school when you studied real hard for a test and you got your mark back and it was a “B” with a circle round it. All that
    work and to fall short in the end (kinda like the Bruins most years). On the flip side when you skipped your homework on Sunday to watch the “Beachcombers”
    and still got a “C” you didn’t feel so bad because you would have got an “A” if you tried.

    1. Bush League DJ at the arena. In a town that has great bands like “The Cars” they start the game with AC/DC Thunderstruck. I thought for a second I was
    in Horse Lake Alberta.

  • Steve Kendall

    I enjoyed the list, Andy! Believe me, there are plenty of other things to hate about Boston — like traffic, parking, public transportation and the fact the mayor cannot speak clearly! Not to mention Patriots’ fans and pink hat fans.

  • Andy Hatch

    Memo the arena DJ to open Game 3 they with “Keep On Knocking” instead of that annoying AC/DC

  • Paul

    I am from Vancouver and I can add many more to your list. Sorry for Green Peace, however co-founder Patrick Moore is now promoting nuclear power as the main means to reduce carbon emissions, after hydro.

    Anyways, Vancouver is very fast, quick and although a little smaller than Boston, are almost as tough and will not back down.

    My only concerns are the refs, and even though Vancouver are better on special teams, I really enjoyed the fast paced 5 on 5 action.

    Congratulations to both teams, isn’t it great to know that tonight, two good and entertaining teams (and not Nashville) are going to be competing hard and flying around the ice.

    This is a good day for hockey fans, sit down and enjoy.


  • bill

    best reason to dislike vancouver if you are from boston.

    vancouver takes a 2-0 lead in the stanley cup final