Bruins Hockey Fights- #5

Milan Lucic vs. Mike Komisarek

A completely dominating performance by Lucic in this one.  The energy he had and the energy in the building makes this a definite Top 5 in my opinion.

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  • Robert Montville

    Will some please call EMS. This team is so pulseless it’s not funny. They ought to be a shamed of themselves for putting on the Boston Bruins Jersey last night in from of the 1970′s greats.

    At least Thorton has the stones to go after Cooke and mix it up. The rest of this team ought to be out there between the periods with girls 10-12 year old because there is not a pair among them all.

    Pack it boys, you are done as team, you are done as the Bruins of old, you have NO leadership, no one with stones to protect your fellow players and ought to be a shame of yourselves for taking one cent of the pay you make from the fans you work their butts off to purchase tickets to see the worse (almost) hockey team in the NFL league.

    I’d rather watch WWE Wrestling because at least I know that is fake and thas is what they are being paid for.